About Us

Our endeaviour is to provide you vegetables and fruits directly from farms to your homes so that you have the cleanest purchasing choices possible when it comes to your family and their well being.

Pesticides are linked to numerous health concerns, including neurological damage, cancer, fertility, birth defects, and hormone disruption. Pesticide residues are of particular concern for infants and children, whose young bodies are still developing, and other vulnerable populations. Studies have found that 9 out of 10 children have organophosphate residues (potent neurotoxins) in their urine, and show that these residues disappear after just a few days when kids are put on a residue free diet.

Today the vegetables available in our market are loaded with pesticides and harmful chemicals. At CafeSalads we have created a platform for directly procuring pesticide free vegetables and other food products that is directly delivered to homes. CafeSalads has developed a consortium of farmers who grows vegetables and fruits in the traditional way and does not use harmful pesticides; these farmers are individually tested and verified by our in house team. We also work closely with the farmers and experts from governmental and non governmental agencies to collaborate and share knowledge in the area of agriculture.

Currently, we limit our services within Trivandrum. You can start enrolling yourself through our website/WhatsApp/ or through our door to door customer engagement programme.

We also provide services like distribution of vegetable seeds, seedlings and organic pesticides, organic farm setup and monitoring.