Drink Warm Turmeric Water Every Morning

Turmeric water- cafesalads health tips


  1.  Warm water - 1 glass
  2.  Turmeric powder - 1 teaspoon
  3.  Black pepper powder a pinch


       In a glass of warm water, add a teaspoon of ground turmeric with a pinch of black pepper and stir well. drink the whole amount immediately until it is warm. the turmeric water should be consumed every morning for 12 months


  • Its main ingredient curcumin, eliminate plaque from the blood vessels and prevent the formation of blood clots
  • turmeric protects the body from bacteria, viruses, inflammation, and radiation instant boost to the immune system
  • This mighty root is packed full of endotoxins, which helps our immune systems fight off bacteria lowering the risk of catching colds and flu
  • it lowers your cholesterol level helps ward off cardiovascular disease and strokes
  • the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric mean it can help relieve joint pains
  • reverses type 2 diabetes
  • it cleans your liver
  • promote heart health
  • ...
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