TEA CTC CLASSIC (250G) – Down to Earth

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A special blend of tea just made for you! Highly admired among our clients for its natural aroma and refreshing taste. Best CTC granulated Indian tea, producing brisk and extra strong liquors with a rich aroma and unmatched taste.

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CTC was invented by W.Mckertcher in 1930-1931. CTC tea generally produce a rich red brown color with lingering aroma and a briskrefreshing  taste when they are boiled Indian method. CTC Tea in its dry form is generically tea like in aroma, very similar in pelletized form. It is intrinsically quite dark pigmented machinery processed tea. CTC is characterized by having sturdy grains of tightly rolled tea leaves and regular coloring. The processing has three stages tear, curl and cut. The resultant product looks like small pellets of tea. It produces a very strong flavored; quickly infusing tea that is often used in tea-bags. The fresh buds of broad-leaved tea plant are selectively picked and advanced scientific processing method is adopted. When tea is infused 40% of the element of tea leaves dissolves conforming to the international health standards. The tea tastes the best when milk and sugar is added.


Down to earth


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